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Roster of Independent Practitioners

Ethical Associates Inc. maintains a roster of diverse human rights lawyers, equity practitioners and adjudicators who work independently and are available to serve as dedicated neutrals in the resolution of complex disputes.


Please contact us if you wish to retain any of the independent practitioners on our roster.

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Andrew Baker

Mediator, Arbitrator

Andrew Baker, of Hamilton, is a lawyer with extensive experience in mediation and arbitration. He has appeared before a range of administrative tribunals and boards.


Bernard Morrow

Mediator, Investigator, Arbitrator

Bernard Morrow is a mediator, arbitrator, workplace investigator and dispute resolution consultant. Bernard has conducted more than 1500 mediations over 25 years of practice. His areas of focus as a mediator include workplace and human rights disputes.


Shari Novick

Mediator, Investigator, Adjudicator, Arbitrator

Shari Novick has been involved in resolving disputes as a “neutral” since 1991. She was an Adjudicator with the Office of Adjudication / Ontario Labour Relations Board for six years, and later served as an Arbitrator at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario for three years. Her experience on these statutory tribunals provided her with solid and valuable skills in addressing workplace disputes, as well as personal injury and other insurance-related claims.

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