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Sectors & Approach

We work primarily with public sector clients, including: 

  • colleges;

  • universities;

  • school boards; 

  • municipalities; and

  • hospitals.


We also conduct human rights investigations for:

  • public agencies;

  • large corporate and institutional clients;

  • community agencies; and

  • non-profit boards. 

Unrivaled Success

Ethical Associates Inc. has enjoyed unrivaled success in engaging independent practitioners to address and resolve individual and group conflict issues in a variety of institutional and organizational settings. Working primarily in the public sector and with large institutional agencies, our practitioners are uniquely positioned to understand the specific challenges that emerge in various work and learning environments.

Addressing Deep Conflict

We are particularly attuned to issues of conflict and dysfunction as they arise among groups of executives, senior administrators, faculty, staff and students, elected officials and public appointees. We specialize in addressing “deep conflict” in interpersonal relations, tenure and promotion matters, discrimination and harassment complaints (including bullying and “mobbing”), and high profile or sensitive cases involving a variety of constituencies, in both unionized and non-unionized settings.

Trusted Guidance

Our independent practitioners have provided trusted guidance on dispute resolution processes to corporate executives, college and university presidents, city solicitors, hospital administrators, and school boards, as well as to members of senior administration, faculty and labour relations departments, unions and internal human rights and equity offices. We are also sensitive to the reputational risks encountered in large institutional environments and the public scrutiny that can arise during times of crisis.


Our primary goal in providing specialized services is to assist organizations in maintaining respectful work and learning environments and to ensure that their articulated goals of inclusion and civility are preserved. The unique skills sets of our independent practitioners are rooted in human rights and equity frameworks and we understand the complex web of institutional policies and governance structures.


Having worked in a variety of corporate and institutional settings, we understand the legislation and governance structures of various service organizations and how internal policies and codes of conduct intersect with one another. Our practitioners have also been commissioned by several municipalities and public service agencies to conduct systemic reviews and revisions of existing policy frameworks.

Law Firm
Diversity and Cultural Awareness

As human rights practitioners, we bring our individual backgrounds and identities to the work we do. We acknowledge the privilege we hold as lawyers and neutrals, and we work within a trauma-informed, culturally-aware, and intersectional framework.


Most importantly we recognize that as settlers on traditional Indigenous lands, we have particular responsibilities to advance the objectives of truth and reconciliation with all Indigenous peoples. Our independent practitioners are guided by, and committed to, the Calls to Action of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission in all our work.

Online Interviews

As a result of COVID-19, our interactions with participants will be conducted online for the foreseeable future. We have been successful in moving our processes online by using various videoconferencing platforms.


We maintain strict standards of confidentiality while promoting interactive dialogue and participation in all of our interventions.


The online format also allows our independent practitioners to offer their services to clients in multiple jurisdictions.


We provide participants with rigorous process expectations concerning online participation and we work within existing informal and formal resolution processes to maintain the integrity of our processes. 

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