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Ethical Associates Welcomes Gurteg Singh as New Associate

Ethical Associates Inc. is pleased to welcome Gurteg Singh as a full Associate of the firm, having completed all the requirements for admission to the practice of law.

The Law Society of Ontario

confirmed last week that Gurteg was formally admitted to the practice of law in Ontario, after completing his articles of clerkship with Ethical Associates Inc.

Gurteg is a graduate of the Law School at the University of Sussex in the U.K. where he completed his Bachelor of Laws in 2019. He was granted an Excellence Scholarship, which is awarded to students with excellent academic performance.

During his articling year with Ethical Associates, Gurteg was involved in several investigations and climate reviews with our public sector clients, including several colleges and universities. He also participated in a number of human rights litigation matters and provided guidance on employment law files for various practitioners.

“We are delighted that Gurteg has completed the requirements for becoming a full-fledged lawyer. I have known Gurteg to be a thorough and conscientious practitioner. Clients always feel welcomed and supported by him. I have no doubt he will make an extraordinary contribution to the practice of human rights law,” said Milé Komlen, Managing Director of Ethical Associates Inc.

Gurteg has a keen interest in medical and health law, having earned a Life Sciences degree from McMaster University in 2017. He has a passion for intersections between medicine and human rights, particularly as they apply to social determinants of health. Prior to joining Ethical Associates, Gurteg worked for a former Vice-Chair of the HRTO, assisting with legal research, legal drafting, investigations, and report writing.

During law school, Gurteg participated in several competitive moots including the 2019 National MacKay Cup Moot in Canadian Constitution Law (where he ranked as a finalist) and the 2018 National Medical Law Moot (where he ranked as a quarter finalist). He also participated in the 2018 Oxford University Press National Moot in tort law and the 2018 University of Kent Invitational Moot in criminal law.

Gurteg has varied interests in legal research and methodology, leadership and legal ethics, social media management, and professional regulation. He is fluent in English, Panjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

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