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Ethical Associates Welcomes Emmett Rogers as New Associate

Emmett Rogers

Ethical Associates Inc. is pleased to welcome Emmett Rogers (they/he) as a full Associate of the firm, having completed all the requirements for admission to the practice of law.

The Law Society of Ontario confirmed last week that Emmett was formally admitted to the practice of law in Ontario, after completing his articles of clerkship with Ethical Associates Inc.

During his articling year with Ethical Associates, Emmett was involved in several investigations and organizational reviews with our public sector clients, including several colleges and universities. They also participated in a number of human rights litigation matters and provided guidance on employment law files for various practitioners.

“We are delighted that Emmett has completed the requirements for becoming a practicing lawyer in Ontario. With a keen commitment to excellence in investigation practice, Emmett has been distinguished as a thorough and conscientious practitioner. Clients and practitioners are always pleased to work with and be supported by Emmett. I have no doubt they will make an extraordinary contribution to the practice of human rights law,” said Milé Komlen, Managing Director of Ethical Associates Inc.

While in law school, Emmett served as both an Accessibility Representative with the UVic Law Students Society and as a student representative on the Faculty of Law Equity and Diversity Committee. Emmett was also the co-president of OutLaws, an LGBTQ student group at UVic Law.

In collaboration with Pro Bono Students Canada, Emmett established a Trans ID Clinic in Victoria, BC. As the lead volunteer, Emmett managed a team of lawyers and law students to offer free legal assistance to transgender individuals seeking to change their name and gender marker on federal and provincial identification documents.

Emmett also worked with the University of Victoria Equity and Human Rights Office as a Legal Research Assistant where they conducted research related to equity, diversity, and inclusion at postsecondary institutions.


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