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Managing Director to Give Presentation on Climate Reviews at AWI Conference

Ethical Associates Inc. announces that its Managing Director, Milé Komlen, will give a presentation on Climate Reviews at the Annual Conference of the Association of Workplace Investigators on September 28, 2019, in Marina del Rey, California.

Komlen's presentation will examine the emerging demand for conducting Climate Reviews where a condition of dysfunction has been identified in a department or unit as a result of longstanding, unaddressed group conflict. Traditional investigations tend to envision an adversarial process between complainants and respondents, but in a complex group setting, Komlen states that creative approaches are required to investigate root causes of dysfunction and to encourage solutions aimed at restoring the workplace to a cohesive and respectful state.

"A Climate Review is a thorough examination of conflict issues that have been identified in a department or unit," said Komlen. "It is usually initiated under the authority of an organization's Discrimination and Harassment policies, or Respectful Workplace and Civility framework, where a condition of dysfunction or group conflict has been identified but where no one is willing to come forward as an individual complainant."

A Climate Review report is the result of a thorough investigation of issues identified by the participants of a dysfunctional unit and serves as a catalyst for the resolution of workplace issues through Group Conflict techniques and Workplace Restoration Initiatives.

The Climate Review process allows investigators to propose broad-based solutions to what are usually intractable problems in the workplace by investigating the root causes of dysfunction in a department or unit.


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