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Ethical Associates Condemns Anti-Black Racism and Police Misconduct

Ethical Associates Inc. today affirmed its continuing support for anti-racism initiatives that recognize the value and worth of racialized peoples. Specifically, the firm called for immediate action to address systemic racism in our societal institutions, with a particular emphasis on dismantling anti-Black racism.

“We share in the frustration and anger of witnessing Black people being killed at the hands of public authorities,” said Milé Komlen, Managing Director of Ethical Associates Inc. “We denounce police brutality, affirm that Black lives matter, and encourage meaningful engagement on issues of systemic and institutionalized racism.”

The firm has worked diligently over the past few years to cultivate and promote the most diverse roster of human rights practitioners in Canada, operating within a human rights and anti-racism framework.

“Human rights, equality and dignity are not up for negotiation - they are constitutionally-protected values," said Komlen. "Now is the time for employers and institutions to confront issues of racism and dismantle the systems that prevent the full participation of racialized people.”


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