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Roster of Independent Practitioners

Ethical Associates Inc. maintains a roster of diverse human rights lawyers, equity practitioners and adjudicators who work independently and are available to serve as dedicated neutrals in the resolution of complex disputes. Please contact us if you wish to retain any of the independent practitioners on our roster.

McNeill Patrick_edited.jpg
Patrick McNeill
Project Management, Operations

Pat has an extensive background working with major professional services firms in the areas of marketing, communications, project management, facilitation, training, operations and corporate strategy. 

Patrick McNeill is a noted consultant and has an extensive background working with major firms in the areas of marketing communications, project management, business development, facilitation, operations and corporate strategy. Pat has degrees in Economics and Sociology from the University of Western Ontario and in Business from The University of Toronto.

Pat’s experience is international in scope as a consultant and educator. He has given his time and talent to many not-for-profit agencies and has received the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship’s Award for Volunteerism.  

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