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Roster of Independent Practitioners

Ethical Associates Inc. maintains a roster of diverse human rights lawyers, equity practitioners and adjudicators who work independently and are available to serve as dedicated neutrals in the resolution of complex disputes. Please contact us if you wish to retain any of the independent practitioners on our roster.

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Megan Forward
Mediator, Investigator

Megan Forward is an experienced lawyer, workplace investigator and organizational review consultant with a background in human rights. 

Megan Forward is an experienced lawyer, workplace investigator and organizational review consultant with a background in human rights. With a practice based in Ottawa, she conducts complex investigations and workplace assessments to help institutional clients improve workplace dynamics and resolve issues related to bullying, harassment and poisoned work and learning environments.


Megan specializes in complex matters, including, complaints involving multiple parties, historical allegations of systemic discrimination and allegations of sexual violence. Megan is a fair, thoughtful and impartial decision-maker who exudes empathy and warmth. She has a deep respect for the sensitive and confidential nature of the information that she is entrusted with. She has also been trained on conducting investigations using a trauma-informed approach.


Megan has spent her career promoting healthy and inclusive workplaces. After articling at a major labour and employment law boutique firm, Megan practiced anti-racism law for the African Canadian Legal Clinic where, among other things, she appeared before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.


Megan developed an interest in investigations while working at the Ontario Human Rights Commission as a Public Inquiry Analyst. At the Commission, she conducted inquiries into systemic human rights issues with public interest implications, including a survey to determine whether new immigrants were being kept out of the workforce by the requirement that they have prior Canadian experience. Her work on this issue resulted in the award-winning Policy on Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier. She then worked with a leading workplace investigation firm where she provided investigation services to numerous public and private sector clients.


Prior to her investigation career, Megan was involved in a significant human rights organizational change initiative intended to improve the service delivery and employment environments within the provincial correctional system. Megan co-led the development of Ontario’s Correctional Services’ policy for the Admission, Classification and Placement of Trans Inmates. She has also delivered human rights-related training to staff in a number of different roles.


Megan attended law school at Dalhousie University and also holds a Bachelor of Sciences with a double major in Environmental Sciences and International Development Studies.

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