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Alex Battick

Mediator, Investigator

Alex Battick is an education lawyer working in human rights, equity, and diversity issues. He has represented racialized individuals in matters before courts and tribunals, and has participated in conflict resolution and anti-racism advocacy, and has regularly presented on topics relating to contemporary issues in the education system, including:

  • Human Rights in Ontario’s Education System

  • Anti-Black Racism and Advanced issues in Special Education

  • Accommodations during Covid-19

In his practice, Alex works with stakeholders throughout the public, private and higher education sectors to reach formal and informal resolutions. As an education lawyer, Alex brings a holistic understanding of Ontario’s School Board system to provide fair and meaningful resolutions on a wide range of human rights matters.

Alex is a graduate of the City Law School at the University of London and was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 2018.

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